Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kimball Port Franks Ontario,Canada Camp Ipperwash Remembered

Kimball Port Franks Ontario,Canada Camp Ipperwash Remembered WA8UNS Thomas Q Kimball of Ridgefield,Connecticut wanted to share the following: The Kimball family use to have a little old red cottage on SETH LANE PORT FRANKS ONTARIO,Canada I was able to go visit there in 2004. Map of the Ipperwash Range and Training Area Champ de Tir Et Champ De Manoruvre Ipperwash was sent to me as I was collecting history of Camp Ipperwash years ago. As part of my father's childhood 1940's-1960;s and mine in the 1970's-1980's Map has Port Franks and Ipperwash Beach other maps I was hoping to find the history of the little red cottage the sale of the land right next to the line of Camp Ipperwash as it was the last cottage on the Port Franks side before the fence of Camp Ipperwash. Lambton County, Ontario,Canada We would have to take Lakeshore Road Route 21 Ontario,Canada to Outer Drive to get to Seth Lane. Such great memories.
An editors note: I have recently updated on June 12th 2012 this with pictures and maps and history I had collected. Please click on the photos etc to see bigger. Please if use a photo etc please put a photo credit. Photos and this trip was done in 2004. I had not been back to this area in about 20 years., And I was truely sad in what had taken place here and an old red cottage that was with the Kimball family from about 1940's until sold in the 1960's. Then rented to us until we had stop going about 1984 was now gone as I was told was burn to the ground. Was right on the boarder of the property fence. We need to think how we all would view things if where in the others person's shoes. Having your land taken from you. fighting and conflict is never a good way out. I have seen alot myself growing up from living in Europe and being stop in East Germany to visitng where the Invasion of Normandy to the concentration camps of Dachau. Wishing that all people could one day live in peace without conflict.,

These are memories to me,. This red cottage that I talk about was built by my fathers uncle and it to had Historical meaning. Thank You to Moon George in sharing you familiy history to me as well. The Stoney Point First Nation #43 --Aazhoodenaang Enjibaajig

Moon George with the two signs which to me stories of his familiy that had owned this land before camp ipperwash was here., And a Tragedy ( Ipperwash Crisis ) that should not have happen.

View from the outside.,

the old trials that lead the cadets to the water activites.

The Old firing range seen from the inside

This picture if I remember correctly was the area in where this Tragic Tragedy Ipperwash Crisis took place in which I wish never took place., No on should have been killed like that.,

The sign you see is posted on the fence of the former Camp Ipperwash. I would hate for anyone to come across any of these unexploded Ammunition

Road sign to what street the Kimball Red cottage once stood on SETH LANE PORT FRANKS ONTARIO back when I rememeber there wasn't street signs then.,

Moon George and myself with Lake Huron in the background., It had been about 20 years since I had last visited this great area Ipperwash Ipperwash near Forest Ontario Canada,, Bringing back childhood memerios.,

This picture was taken from inside the former Camp. Showing where once stood the Kimball Red Cottage before the Tragedy. I was able to go with my girlfreind with the escort of Moon George very nice guy., Thank You

Another photo looking towards Lake Huron some of the old fence I would have to craw under to go fish.,

Looking torwards Lake Huron where before the Tragedy took place once stood a red cottage that my fathers Uncle had built for the Kimball Familiy., Through this sad tragedy is was burn to the ground, Lot of Kimball history there from the 1940's-about early 1980's

looking down on Happy Hollow from top of the dunes.,
Happy Hollow a wonderful spot to fish as a young boy., Always had fun having to go under the barb wire fence and not get caught by the MP's., Lots of sunfish got caught in here.,